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Here, you can download summaries, exam preparation papers, and the like, I did for my ETH Biology study. If you come across errors, please do not hesitate and report them to

1./2. Term


Download the summary I wrote for the math exam of the first and second term as PDF (1 MB) file.


Summary (PDF: 2 MB) of chapter 22 to 27 of Biologie by Neil A. Campbell / Jane B. Reece.

Summary (PDF: 3 MB) of chapter 51 to 55 of Biologie by Neil A. Campbell / Jane B. Reece.


Summaries on zoology.

Description Download
Lernkarten Arthropoda pdf
Systematik Chordata pdf
Systematik Mollusca pdf
Systematik Nesseltiere pdf
Systematik Plattwürmer pdf
Systematik Ringelwürmer pdf
Systematik Stachelhäuter pdf
Systematik Vertebrata pdf
Übersicht Animalia (alle) pdf
Übersicht Animalia Teil 1 pdf
Übersicht Animalia Teil 2 pdf
Übersicht Protozoa pdf


Kurzzusammenfassung allgemeine Chemie für Prüfung (6 Seiten).

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